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Last year I installed the Emgo reverse cone exhaust on my Thunderbird but it always seemed just a little too loud. Today I went ahead and repacked the exhaust to quiet it down a littlebit. I like the fact that not only did it quiet the exhaust a little but it made the tone a little deeper not to mention the fact that it was about $10 in materials.


To repack the pipes I used the FMF repack and it only took about 20 minutes.


Step 1:

Remove the pipes from the bike


Step 2:

Remove the reverse cone from the back of the pipe by removing the 3 phillips head screws. You may have to stick something in the inlet side to jar the baffle loose but its only forced in the center. There's no screws holding the baffles in so if they're stuck you can spray some degreaser in the pipes to get them loose. Just clean the degreaser out before reinstalling the new packing material. You can see that there's hardly any packing material in the pipes.


Step 3: 

Cut the packing material to fit the length of the baffle. 



Step 4:

Loosly wrap the material around the baffle. Use the exisiting wire that was previously installed to hold the new packing material in place. The key is loosly because if you pack it too tight it wont baffle the sound.



Step 5:

Reinstall the baffle and replace the end cap. Then reinstall the pipes on the bike.