Welcome to Mrinstall Motors

Frequently asked questions

Do you have local pick up?

YES. I'm located at 4560 Donovan Way Suite C North Las Vegas NV 89081


Why does the phone number state "T E X T" ?

Thats my actual phone number (I got really lucky) and I don't always pick up but I always return text messages. If you want to call and ask questions the phone number is (702) 997-8398.


How often do you update the parts list?

Almost everyday but I have so many parts it's hard to get them all in the website.


Are the pictures on the website the actual part.

YES. The pics are the actual parts that ship. New items may have stock pics but all the others are the actual items.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash in person or Paypal. Credit cards can be accepted through the paypal website if you don't have a paypal account.


What are your hours?

Usually my hours are 9-5 Pacific time Monday through Saturday unless I'm out riding.


Do you take trade in parts?

Yes, I'm willing to make fair trades for other Triumph parts.


What is your return policy?

I gladly accept returns minus my shipping costs within 30 days. Electronics are tested before shipping and will be tested when returned before a refund will be submitted.


Do you have _________ in stock?

I have thousands of parts in stock but only a few on the website. Feel free to ask and I'll check to see if I have it.


Do you ship oversees?

YES. I'll ship worldwide. (except to scammers)